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    My heart  is set on bringing hope to everyone. Hope. Such a beautiful word. There is hope but there is still a fight. The flesh is so persuasive! You hardly feel yourself in the middle of temptation. You come out of it wondering, “Why did I just do that? I didn’t want to. What did I have to gain? Who was I? Who am I?” Then the shame. Oh the shame hits you like a tsunami. You can’t breathe. Your heart pounds. You almost don’t know where you are. Where are you? My songs are written in the aftermath of the tsunami. Isolation. The walls. The secrets. The thoughts of life. Why am I here? Why am I like this? Why me, God?! The self talk saying you’re “Worthless”, “Weak”, and “How are you getting out of this one?” BUT let go of control and EVERYTHING CHANGES! The feeling you have to get your life together. Let it go! The worry you’re not good enough for your Lord and Savior. Let it go! You’re not enough for your family, friends, or any type of love for that matter. LET IT GO!!!



     Hope.  Going back and singing my songs. Hearing and seeing where I was. I’ve changed! And I know it wasn’t me. No, it could never be me. BUT, GOD. He changes everything! He IS hope! How can I NOT share what I have written, learned and continue learning with everyone in this world? It is too important for me to turn a blind eye and watch the world burn. No, I won’t watch the world fall into the isolation and walls that I was trapped in. Many are already there anyway and my experience will hopefully be a light for them. The light of Jesus shining through me. I can’t even do it, but through His strength, His Will will be done. There is no stopping the hope flooding through the streets of cities, in the homes of families and the hearts of churches! I cannot wait to behold His glorious face. My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! I will never stop fighting to share what He has put on my heart. The longing I have to bring others hope is oh so strong and strengthens by the day. Watch out world! My story is coming for you. 


With Love,


"There is no stopping the hope flooding through the streets of  cities, in the homes of  families and the hearts of churches."

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